secret bad boy

that's the name of the band

Secret Bad Boy is a band, conceived and fronted by Ben Joseph. Ben Joseph is a boy who lives in Chicago and is a continuing member of Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends. 

Secret Bad Boy has some fresh new recordings, which feature members of Vulfpeck, the Mild High Club, and I Fight Dragons, as well as the voice of the 1990's cartoon pasta mascot, Cheesasaurus Rex.

Press Love for Secret Bad Boy:

"'Chicken' and 'Double Platinum' are two very different songs, with one consistent feature, they are both fabulous.... Mischief is not far below the surface, plus the natural rock'n'roll is there in abundance." - Beehive Candy

"The members of Secret Bad Boy are undeniably talented... There’s a very distinct sound to Secret Bad Boy. There is something in the way Joseph sings, especially in slower tempos, that has a touch of crooner; full yet intimate... it’s like listening to a classic punk tune off an old time record." - Listen Live and Local

"(Joseph) always struck me as someone who understands a lot more about music than I ever will, and seeing him as the frontman for this new band only solidified that impression... At times reminiscent of Lou Reed with his speaking/singing, he’s also no less experimental." - Music. Defined.

Secret Bad Boy has also been featured on The Isthmus' Picks Playlist, The Minimal Beat, Chicago's 103.9FM The Fox, CHIRP Radio, Portland's 90.9FM, Columbus' The Lantern and Chicago's Red Eye.